Dancing daughter (2019-2020)


This is a story about my daughter Karina. About her fight for her dream.

At the time of filming, out of the fourteen years she has lived, she has been involved in dance sports for ten. What was initially interpreted by parents as a way to develop a child, give him flexibility and endurance, over time grew into a real hobby.

She trains for several hours every day — learns exercises, stretches, memorizes movements, works on facial expressions and endurance. Behind the grace and coherence of the dance lies hard work, days, months and years of work. For me, as a mother, this is also costly — in addition to time and effort, money is also spent — paying for lessons, tournaments, costumes and makeup.Over the course of ten years of dancing, Karina changed eleven partners for various reasons: ending her career, moving, and even having a different physique. I filmed this project because for me it is a personal story, the experience of my daughter, the experience of my parental support, albeit behind the scenes, and a not entirely easy path in sports.

Now Karina is 18 years old and she continues to move towards her goal and is not going to give up.