Tatyana Mazok

was born in 1980 (43 years old) in Minsk. Graduated from BSEU (Belarusian State Economic University) with a degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit in 2005.

2019 — She studied at the author’s school of Elena Sukhoveyeva and Viktor Khmel

2020 — She completed the course “Photohistory” at Fojo: Media Institute Linnaus University / “Center for Padrykhtouki Medyyaspetsyalistau Medyyatraner” / NGO “Belarusian Assassy Journalist” 

2022 — “Marusina masterskaya” course “Film frame” 

Group exhibitions:  

2024-exhibition within the framework of the project “She is in art and life”, BSPU, Minsk, Belarus 

2024- Art Festival “Art-Minsk 2024”, Minsk, Belarus 

2023- Online exhibition “Children. Report Genre.” in the photo magazine “Fotoprosvet” 

2023- Online exhibition “Color” in the photo magazine “Fotoprosvet” 

2022 — Online exhibition “Red” in the photo magazine “Fotoprosvet”   

Individual exhibition:

 Did not have

Press (publications of the author`s projects):

2024 The pictorial list  — “Connections”

2024 The eye of photography — “Dancing Daughter”  

2020 02.03 Belarusian portal TUT.BY  (Belarus) — “Dancing daughter”

Iconic , Photovogue, Sguardo